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We attend 1-2 ACAT tournaments every year, usually including the one hosted at UNC Chapel Hill in the fall.

Poomsae format:

  • 3 person mixed gender teams

  • Beginner, Intermediate, Elite divisions


Sparring format:

  • 2-3 person same gender teams

  • Beginner division:

    • no headshots

  • Intermediate division:

    • ​USAT Junior Sparring Rules (reduced headshot strength)

  • Elite division

Participating Schools:

American University

Liberty University

UNC Chapel Hill

US Naval Academy


Virginia Tech

ACAT (Atlantic Collegiate Alliance of Taekwondo) 

ECTC (Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference)

We attend 2-3 ECTC tournaments every year, usually including those hosted at Brown University in the fall and Princeton University in the spring.

Poomsae format:

  • Color belts:

    • individual

    • yellow, green, blue, and red belt divisions by gender

  • Black belts:

    • 3 person mixed gender teams

Sparring format:

  • 3 person same gender teams: one lightweight, one middleweight, one heavyweight

  • C team:

    • White to Green belts​

    • no headshots

    • 2 rounds of 60 seconds

  • B team:

    • Green to Red belts​

    • USAT Junior Sparring Rules (reduced headshot strength)

    • 2 rounds of 90 seconds

    • electronic scoring

  • A team:

    • Blue to Black belts​

    • 2 rounds of 90-120 seconds

    • electronic scoring

NCTA (National Collegiate Taekwondo Assocciation)

Every spring we assemble a small team to compete at the Collegiate National Championships.

Poomsae format:

  • WT style:

    • individual

    • yellow, green, ​blue, red, and black belt divisions by gender

Sparring format:

  • individual

  • same gender

  • Color belts:

    • 4 weight divisions​

    • 3 rounds of 1 minute

  • ​Black belts:

    • WT/Olympic rules:

      • 8 weight divisions​

      • 3 rounds of 2 minutes

Participating Schools:

Binghamton University​

Boston University​

Brown University​

Columbia University​

Cornell University​

Dartmouth College​

Duke University​

Harvard University​

Johns Hopkins University​



Massachusetts Institute of Technology​

Northeastern University ​

New York University​

Ohio State University​

Pennsylvania State University​

Princeton University​

Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute​

Rutgers University​

Stony Brook University​

SUNY Empire State College​

University at Albany, SUNY​

University at Cortland, SUNY​

Temple University​

Tufts University​

United States Military Academy​

University of Connecticut ​

University of Maryland Baltimore County​

University of Michigan ​

University of Pennsylvania ​

University of Vermont ​

Villanova University ​

Yale University

Participating Schools:

American University

Brown University

Columbia University

Iowa Central Community College


New York University

Princeton University

Stanford University

US Military Academy

UC Berkeley

UC Davis

UC San Diego

UT Austin

University of Vermont

University of Washington

University of Wisconsin-Madison

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