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Duke TKD At a Glance

Duke Taekwondo trains in the World Taekwondo style of Taekwondo, practicing Olympic-style sparring and poomsae (forms). Practices allow members to work on their basic kicks, advanced techniques, poomsae, sparring strategies, and general fitness. We hold practice four times a week, though members need not necessarily attend every practice. Throughout the year, members have the opportunity to use what they learn in practices in competitions or belt testing. Neither of these aspects are required, however, and we invite you all to practice Taekwondo in the way that best suits your goals.

Duke Taekwondo recognizes the importance of the progression of one’s skill in and appreciation for Taekwondo. As such, the club holds belt tests twice a semester. Belt testing is the opportunity for members to show what they have learned in their time in Duke Taekwondo and advance through the ranks of the martial arts. Eventually, members can have the opportunity to test for their black belt under the evaluation of our head coach, Master Doo Kyun Lee.


Members who regularly attend practices are invited to compete with the club in tournaments across the country. Duke Taekwondo travels to 4-6 tournaments throughout the year across the country, primarily along the Eastern Seaboard. Competing members have opportunities to compete in sparring or poomsae against practitioners of comparable skill levels from other school clubs.




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